Figment, More Jurassic World Sequels, Armor Wars, Deadpool 3 & Now You See Me 3

On the October 3, 2022 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editorial director Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film news writer Erin Brady to discuss the latest film and tv news, including a Figment movie, More Jurassic World films, Armor Wars, Deadpool 3, and Now You See Me 3.

Opening Banter: 

  • Erin tell us about yourself?
  • We’re back! The schedule should return to normal: Ben is back from his huge trip, Ryan is back from Fantastic Fest, and Peter is back from EPCOT’s 40th! 
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In The News:

  • Erin: Disney Epcot Mascot Figment Is Getting A Movie From Seth Rogen And Detective Pikachu Writers
    • Who is Figment, and why is he beloved?
    • Who are these screenwriters?
    • Will Seth Rogen be playing Figment? Peter has heard some rumblings! 
    • What do you think?
  • Peter (og BJ): Colin Trevorrow Strongly Hints At A Lot More Jurassic World Movies To Come
    • Trevorrow told Empire: "This movie clearly takes a real interest in creating new characters that a new generation is going to latch on to”. … "I never knew that this was the ending of the franchise until I saw the marketing. Those guys are brilliant at what they do, but for me I think it might have been clearer if they'd said, 'The end of an era', as opposed to all of it, because regardless of the cynical approach — of course they're gonna want to make more money, which is what 'Jurassic World' was about — a new dinosaur fan is born every day."
    • “I specifically did something different than the other films in order to change the DNA of the franchise. The previous five films are plots about dinosaurs. This one is a story about characters in a world in which they coexist with dinosaurs. For the franchise to be able to move forward — because it’s inherently unfranchisable, there probably should have only been one ‘Jurassic Park’ – but if we’re gonna do it, how can I allow them to tell stories in a world in which dinosaurs exist, as opposed to, here’s another reason why we’re going to an island?”
    • Do we really believe there will be more Jurassic World sequels?
    • What would you like to see with the future of the Jurassic franchise?
  • Erin: Marvel's Armor Wars TV Show Will Now Be A Movie Starring Don Cheadle
    • Same writer
    • Actors didn't even know?
    • How do you think this will change this project?
    • When can we now expect it?
  • Erin: Deadpool 3 Will See The Return Of Hugh Jackman As Wolverine
    • We had heard there was a road trip movie in the works with Deadpool and Wolverine but then Disney bought Fox and those plans got shelved
    • We knew Disney was still interested in making a third Deadpool film and it would be set in the mcu
    • Ryan posted a video on twitter, tell us about it?
    • It appears to have meant to air at D23? Why do you think it was delayed?
    • I like the Deadpool logo with the 3 wolverine claws
    • What do you think of this?
    • Does this make Wolverine MCU canon?
    • How can Wolverine return? Didn't he die in Logan?
    • Mention: Ben’s Every Way Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Could Return In Deadpool 3
  • Erin: Uncharted Director Ruben Fleischer Is Getting Tricky With Now You See Me 3
    • Fleischer had previously worked with both Eisenberg and Harrelson on the Zombieland films.
    • What did you think of the Now You See Me movies?
    • Why Magic is hard to do in movies and tv.
    • Regardless of our thoughts, the movies make money – almost $700 million worldwide to date… so why did it take so long to make a third one?
    • Ruben’s filmography
    • What could get you excited to see Now You See Me 3? Tom Cruise it!

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