Spoiler Discussion: Ms. Marvel Episode 2 ”Crushed”

On the June 17, 2022 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editorial director Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film editor Brad Oman to have a spoiler-filled discussion about Ms. Marvel Episode 2 “Crushed”

In The Spoiler Room: Ms. Marvel Episode 2 “Crushed”

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    • Anil From Thailand writes in: “When Kamala gets her power she flashes back to what I believe to be her greatgrandma's last memory while she was wearing the Bangle. This would have been during the Indian Pakistan partition. There were mass exodus from both Muslim population to what is now Pakistan and Hindu Population from that territory. Violence and horrific things happened to a lot of people during that period. In Episode 2, We know that her greatgrandma abandoned (so the family believes) her daughter to find her way to the train alone.”
    • J.J. for Idaho  writes in “I have an idea about where Kamala’s grandmother’s bangle comes from. It reminded me of the ten rings from “Shang Chi.” Maybe they have the same source, or similar sources. If the bangle is Kree, maybe the ten rings are also Kree. It could be that the Kree scattered these artifacts and one ended up in Pakistan and one in China. Maybe there are more still to discover in Asia. “
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