Spoiler Discussion: Watchmen Season 1 Finale, “See How They Fly”

On the December 16, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to have a spoiler discussion about the ninth, and possibly final, episode of HBO’s Watchmen, entitled “See How They Fly.”


Opening Banter: Once again, thanks to Kris Keochinda for the opening theme song and to Twitter user @sirzapz for the logo, which we’ve been using in the PodBean player for each of these episodes.


  • Emails
  • Adrian Veidt
    • Bian impregnates herself – what were her motivations?
    • Lady Trieu shows up in 2008
      • Calls Veidt’s squid rain a “rerun”
      • Wants to make every nuke disappear
      • Asks for money - “I will never call you daughter”
    • Confrontation with the Game Warden on Europa (Nixon thing)
    • Han Solo’d - he’s been the statue this whole time
  • Final Confrontation
    • Keene monologuing
    • Everyone teleported to Greenwood, Keene is now ooze
    • Senior leadership of Cyclops is vaporized (was this satisfying?)
    • Manhattan sends Laurie, Veidt, and Looking Glass to Karnak, then is killed by Lady Trieu
    • LG knows when the last squidfall was - Veidt decides to take down Lady Trieu
    • Archie (original owl ship) is at Karnak, LG and Laurie decide to take Adrian in
    • Back at the theater: “You can’t heal under a mask. Wounds need air.”
  • Unanswered Questions

    • Does Angela walk on water at the end? Does it matter?

      • Lindelof’s quote
    • Whatever happened to Lube Man?
    • What the hell was up with the elephant?
    • What’s the deal with the horseshoe?
      • Lindelof’s quote
    • Do you want to see a second season?

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