The Problem With Modern Cinema, Stranger Things Fan Theories, Sicario, Star Wars, Fincher, Dark Tower

On the October 18, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Ben Pearson and Chris Evangelista to talk about the latest news, including the Sicario sequel, a Rogue One character returns to Star Wars Rebels, the problem with modern movies according to David Fincher, and a Dark Tower sequel. In the Spoiler Room, we’ll discuss a new Stranger Things fan theory.


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In The Mailbag:  John D writes in that he works at a mall theater which gets a lot of "general public" audience. “I can tell you that I get asked all shift, every shift "what's the most popular movie?" And if I recommend something, the first thing they ask is "are a lot of people seeing it?" If my answer is no, the reply 90% of the time is, "screw that, it must not be good." So yes, the general public, in my experience, does indeed decide if they're going to see a movie based on its popularity. Going back to your convo last week, the other question I get asked is "Do you have the rotten tomatoes scores printed?" (We don't). People are becoming MUCH more aware of rotten tomatoes scores, and I can even tell you how many refunds I've had to give for people walking out of Mother, screaming at me that rotten tomatoes lied. Back when I was in college, I managed a movie theater that played more indie/foreign fare, and NONE of these questions arose.”


In the News:


‘Sicario’ Sequel ‘Soldado’ is “More Severe” and “Extremely Emotional,” Says Josh Brolin

LOL: Idris Elba Thinks a ‘Dark Tower’ Sequel Might Happen

Saw Gerrera Returns to ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Next Week; Watch a Clip From ‘In the Name of the Rebellion’

David Fincher Explains The Problem With Modern Movies


In the Spoiler Room, ‘Stranger Things’ Thessalhydra Theory: How Season 1 Might Have Predicted Everything in Season 2


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